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    TEMPKOM Trading House was established in 2009 in Moscow. Initially the mission of the Company was in facilitating business transactions between Russian Federation and foreign countries. We are the exporter, importer and also trader that purchases and sells required products for the variety of businesses inside and outside of Russia. Our Trading House provides high quality services for businesses and international trade experts in Russia and CIS countries for goods or services in-market promotion. We search the products & services, We find rigth suppliers, We know investors. Nowadays the Company expanded the range of activities and increased the volume of investments in prospective projects especially in Railway and Aviation. Contact us! We are always open to new ideas & offers! We offer representative services for new comers in Russia.

    Attention: Please be informed that our company for inquiries and other types of communication uses only corporative email system *@tempkom.ru. Please do not release any information to anybody sent you emails from the name of our company via free email systems like mail.ru, gmail.com, yandex etc. Thank you! The correct email is given in the contacts below.




    TD TEMPKOM LTD Trading House

    1, 1 Volokolamskoye Shosse, Moscow 125080, Russian Federation

    +7 (499) 391-47-70